History & Philosophy

A hobby became more...

We have summarized the history and philosophy of TirolVideo for you in the following section. 

Everything started 10 years ago...

… at the beginning our name was “Filmproduktion Armin Rogger” and later we changed it to “a-media”. Armin was the one how put the videos online on YouTube. We already have more than 200 videos on the TirolVideo YouTube channel and we inspire millions of people all over the world.

Filmproduktion Armin Rogger

Why brass music, culture & customs?

Many people are not taking us seriously and asking us why we are not filming more “contemporary” videos.

But we want to give everyone the opportunity to experience the customs and traditions in our country, no matter where they are. It is also important for us, that our videos are kind of a documentation. Nowadays, customs and events are often lost, they are abolished or even forbidden, they are no longer exemplified and thus not passed on to the next generations.

The main focus is on brass music. This has always connected people, no matter what language they speak or where they live. Especially in Tyrol brass music plays an important role in the society.

It’s not just us who hold on to that. This is also proven by the number of clicks on the videos and the positive feedback which we receive again and again. This is also a big motivation for us to continue!

Gepäck TirolVideo